“Expressions to impress!" 

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Edy Skreinig

Born at 2:40 in the dawn of the 21st of February, 1970 in Natal, RN, Brazil, under the sign of pisces...

This artist is influenced by impressionism, she admires many painters who paint color and movement. She sees herself as an eternal beginner, a "work in constant progress" and simply labels her work as: “expressions to impress” hoping it meets the viewers expectations, transporting them to the places where they feel peace, love, satisfaction. She paints her memories and fantasies. 

Edy Skreinig lives in Austria with her husband and their children – her masterpieces – but has lived in many parts of the world, met many people, learned many things and has painted actively in spaced periods. The only demand to painting being her good feelings and many inspirations.

In the course of her life, she has been in contact with different kinds of art but found herself at home among the oils.

For the past twenty-some years, she has shown and sold many of her works to art enthusiasts in many countries through private or public exhibitions.

She is an active writer of texts, poetry and articles on the “art of teaching.” She is currently working on several new projects for child development and education in a multi-lingual environment.

Skreinig sees every brush stroke as a form of relaxation and meditation, in her own words:

Detachment. You might find a painting attractive and want to own itBut you should not allow it to own you! 

I give myself full-heartedly to creating my works. And that goes for evrything I do. I am 100% committed to my work! First for me, than for the others: After working patiently on a painting, having explored it, improved and revealed it, I finally send it into the world. When my painting leaves my hands, it will have gone through all possible changes and metamorphoses. It will finally have the various impressions of what I have perceived, the obvious and imaginable ways I see the world. It will be ready to please others as it has pleased me…

Anyone can express himself through painting because, like each individual, each painting and work of art is unique, completely unexpected and new. Through painting you will show what resides within yourself and that is the “impression:” What you see, is what you will get!

In my field of work I teach words, translations, interpretation, languages that can help, affect and impact, positively and negatively as well.

Through my paintings, I send out silence: If you find yourself in them, you will need no words. Communication will just happen!

Have you ever tried to keep a sight in mind and later on you noticed you forgot what it had looked like? 

-      Me too! Too many times to remember! (As it goes...) 

Nevertheless what I could remember or what I could fantasize has been reproduced by me, time allowing. 

For more than twenty years I have painted and given my best to honour the art of painting through the traditional and alternative methods, dedicating my attention to the notion of "if it is good enough to hang in my living room for my family and friends to see, it is good enough to show the many "friends-to-be" that I plan on making through my expositions, those that might become potential appreciators and eventually owners of my works. 

I do not reproduce nor draw. I have never learned how to do it. Oil painting works on its own and I simply manoeuvre the paintbrushes as if in a dance, slowly but with tempo and rhythm: I do not allow myself to get tired of working on the canvas nor to get bored by it. It would never do for me to lose interest in the painting, to overdo it, to overexpose it...

I also do not like to price my work, afraid I might under or overprice it (and that makes it difficult to market my own work! Hence the fact that I could never make out of painting my actual "job!")

I sell my work for a reasonable price and someone who appreciates it will also agree with me in that aspect... (I am open to opinions!)

Not everyone can understand that a painting should only be owned by someone who will enjoy it for a time and later on, if the original attraction should vanish, he should not feel that he has a commitment to keep it or is attached to it for the wrong reasons (cost, for example…)

Because of that and because I am of the opinion that temperies of life will affect the view one perceives after opening the same window many times, the same will happen with looking at a painting:

You will enjoy it for a time, but you should be allowed to change it if your feelings change - guilt free! You must be unattached to it, to simply find yourself in it, to be allowed to come and go…

You might want to reframe it, to put away for a time, to give to someone else to enjoy, to simply change it to another place in your house but never, no never, be attached to it for having paid a high price to own it! 

Life goes on, time passes, we change, things change. You should not be attached to things longer than your heart tells you to be...

Maybe, who knows, later on in life our paths will cross again and you will find yourself coming back to meet me in the future and partake of another presentation and acquire yet another work of mine, maybe our common interpretation of thoughts, our shared memories or fantasies will again meet and you will see it represented through my work… 

You will have understood what I mean by “detachment” and will experience another one of our shared places. Again, at a fair cost!

I am in no position to call myself an artist, but one thing I know for sure: I must identify myself with the painting, learn to love it and let it go so that you can have it. In any case, at the end: we both must love it! And what is a greater art than to be able to love?”

Edy Skreinig


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